"THE AVIATOR" Blend (5 lb Bag)

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 WHOLE BEAN ONLY - Medium Roast

(Bold aroma/ medium body/medium acidity/smooth finish)

Central and South American coffee beans



Lydia loves coffee and it is part of her SOP before those early morning sorties.

After struggling with a gremlin one morning, she landed her spuddering fighter in a coffee farmer's field.

The farmer generously offered her a cup of coffee as she was waiting. She enjoyed it so much that purchased some beans and brought them to the airbase.

It became an instant hit with all the pilots.

This coffee delivers when it comes to a bold but smooth tasting cup of coffee to get you moving early morning..


5 lb bag Bag

1 Review

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    Smooth and Pleasant

    Posted by Corrina on Jun 11th 2019

    I met Mr. Langley not to long ago in Indiana at a convention and he told me about his aviation inspired coffee company and I was hooked! When I came home I ordered a 5lb. bag of "THE AVIATOR" and a sample pack of MECHANIC, LADY, and AVIATOR. I wanted to taste them all. THE AVIATOR is smooth and light and shares a great balance between rich flavor and low acidity! For those of you out there who have tummy trouble with coffee THE AVIATOR is definitely the way to go! We loved it, and our three daughters very much appreciated it! THE MECHANIC, I can't say anything about it because my darling hubby drank it all up while I was at work! He said it was very good though. Now as for THE LADY, I loved it! The aroma that wafted out of that little sample bag when I opened it was like walking right into a coffee shop itself, it's the PERFECT eye opener in the morning! The wonderful smell leads right into the robust flavor of this coffee but is smooth and VERY easy to drink! So for those of you who love the rich aroma and robust eye popping flavor I would recommend THE LADY without a doubt! As soon as I have the chance to sample THE MECHANIC I'll review it honestly. Y'all need to just try the coffee and pick your flavor ! I'll be ordering another bag today.

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