How it all started....

This journey to 1942 started many years ago as I worked daily on warbirds spanning both World Wars.

Having started my aircraft maintenance career in the US Army as a DUSTOFF Crew Chief, it was a amazing to be selected to maint such incredible aircraft as the P51D, Me109, and so many more.

Spoke with scores of WWII pilots, mechanics, and flight crews over my years working the flight line of airshows all over the US. It was as if I was in a dream.

I have been building and tearing apart model aircaft since the age of 6.

The history of the men and machines joisting at 30,000ft to treetop level and their love for those wonderful machines has always had my respect and captured my imagination.

Loved the the way they painted their aircraft with nose art because it was personal.

Have always loved steampunk and diesel punk, they are full of ingenuity and joy of all things mechanical. Wanted to fuse the two into our history around 1942. More to come on that...

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